Save Our Streets
Save our Streets
Save the Eton Road conservation area:
Steeles / Fellows / Englands Lane / Eton Road.

The Eton Road conservation area is over run with unsuitable traffic.

Steeles / Fellows / Englands Lane / Eton suffer in particular from unsuitable large and HGV traffic using it as a cut through.

Why is it a problem?

It causes direct and measurable problems:

  • Excess road & house vibration (proven to be greater than British standards.
  • HGV’s ignoring warnings and cutting through the area as there are no main roads.
  • Bad congestion on all roads whilst the bottom of Haverstock hill is often quiet.
  • Air pollution and noise pollution.
  • Danger to the many school children around – there will be an accident.
  • Total ignoring of the 20mph speed limit that exists.

Speed bump solutions don’t work or address the access and cut through problem.

THE CAUSE: Chalk Farm junction

  • There is no right from Haverstock or no left from Adelaide at Chalk Farm.
  • East/west traffic along Adelaide road has to cut through Eton Conservation to carry on.

It is not sustainable.


We propose a redesign of Chalk Farm junction and a cutting off Eton Conservation area as a rat run; draft plans attached from traffic consultants show it can be done. (Given HS2 construction, there is no better time to do this).


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It has the support of the Steeles village association, and Belsize Residents Association.

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